“I have been a world champion three times, three years in a row. But this is different. It’s once in four years, and the wait was there. I felt like the demon was chasing me this time.”


"Please Don't Make Me Regret Saving You"

Bridal Mask Ep 20 - Lee Kang To and Ueno Rie

i really like RaRa she’s a badass


don’t think of it as me liking your sad personal post

think of it as me sending you tiny baby kisses because I care


i like those friends that you dont have to talk to every day but youre still friends even if you go weeks without talking

True beauty not only depends on one’s appearance but it also shines through one’s words. Happy birthday smiling angel, Kang Daesung. #birthdaewings

One of YG’s qualifications: Be cute.

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