All Brown Wednesday ~


Eid Mubarak ~

Eid Mubarak ~

Work badge lol #mugshot (Taken with Instagram)

Who else has put on weight during Ramadan?? LOL

I just stuff everything into my mouth >.<

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Me :)


Pakistani-American female hijabi Olympic weightlifter Kulsoom Abdullah.

Nazia got her nose pierced today looool she cried lmao and i pierced the top of my ear >.<(Taken with Instagram)


abayas for eid 2012 @ Muunshine Couture

Me and my pony lol (Taken with Instagram)


This is so haram, so don’t laugh your abaya off, keep it on Inshallah lol unless you’re in front of related men or your husband then its okay

What i do in my spare time…

Go ninja on buttons looool

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