There’s a fine line between dating and looking for your other half in your deen.

These so called friends of mine really dont understand.

I swear they all cause drama for themselves and then say they wish they had my non-drama life lol

Hijabi Debates. My opinions and what I was taught.


I was going through the hijab tag on Tumblr and saw so many posts about how make-up and skinny jeans is haram. How showing ones neck is forbidden and etc. Honestly speaking, no one has the right to judge another. The Hijab is between that girl and Allah (swa). People can advise, but not order nor force opinions on others. 

Here are my opinions! on skinny jeans, clothing, make-up, and hijab styles. Solely mine. If you like them or find something incorrect, please correct me, but I would like proof for what you are correcting. I want to know why you’re correcting me and if I, in the future, correct someone, I want to be able to give them the information as the basis for my advice. I’m no scholar nor imaan, I’m not religiously taught, but this is what I know and believe. I also talk about how I wear my clothing and such just to give examples and help you out.

Here it goes:


I just want to address this whole debate over skinny jeans. In my opinion the jeans themselves are not Haram. Not the jeans, it’s a piece of clothing Skinny jeans aren’t haram, it’s how you wear them that makes the style haram.

Personally all I own are jeans and 3/4 of them are skinny jeans. Majority of my skinny jeans are pretty darn loose cause I’m on the wider side of humanity. My Teacher and Sunday School brought the issue of skinny jeans and how girls can wear them, but not that tightly. She pointed out that my skinny jeans weren’t tight at all and still looked like skinny jeans. Buying a size bigger isn’t going to kill you, and with the looser jeans you can wear a t-shirt and still maintain modesty. Some of the other skinny jeans I own are a bit tight on the thighs, but loose at the calf area. So with these I usually wear longer tops that cover the very tight areas. If I feel like wearing a t-shirt then I wear a long cardigan/ sweater to cover that area. (personally I cover my butt as much as possible so all my T’s are pretty darn big and I wear a lot of long clothing.)

With Skinny Jeans, modesty is maintained by loosening the pair of pants. Buy a size bigger. If you already have skinny jeans that are tight, then cover the “shaped” parts of your leg with longer pieces of clothing. It’s not just skinny jeans, any type of jeans should be on the baggier side. 


Clothing should be loose and appropriate. I don’t have the means of getting “harem” pants, palazzo pants etc. I wear loose and long tops over jeans. I limit the tightness of my clothing. You don’t only have to wear skirts and abayahs/burqas. I mean you can wear pants and shirts and stuff, just make it loose so that your body isn’t defined. Make up your own style and own it. I believe everyone has the ability to look nice, just put some effort into it and figure it out. Look out for ideas on Tumblr, YouTube, BlogSpot, Facebook, and Twitter. The internet has so many brilliant minds throwing their ideas out to the world. People just have to take the time to create something out of the ideas they see. 

Out of curiousity are Waist Belts bad then? IDK i only have one and I wear it rarely cause I have a belly. But I LOVE IT


Muslim women are women too. We like make-up and getting dressed up. I think that Muslim women should limit the amount of make-up they use daily. Stick to more natural or nude looks. Something that looks nice, but doesn’t attract a lot of attention. On a normal basis I don’t wear make-up. Once in a while I do wear eye-liner. The Prophet (pbuh) did wear eye-liner as well, for eye care specifically. He didn’t do the drastic looks, such as the “wings” and etc. So I believe that women can wear simple and clean eyeliner. Also, I think powder and concealer and foundation all should be alright because all it is is making the skin look brighter and fresher. The more attention seeking and drastic looks should be for parties and special occasion. That’s My OPINION! I love wearing make-up, the bright stuff is so much fun. but I only do it for special occasions. I mean honestly it’s between you and Allah (swa).  

Hijab Styles (getting tired sorry if this is choppy)

The neck, hair, ears are to be covered while wearing the scarf. That was what I learned. 

The neck is not to be shown, ok then, solution: buy a turtle neck. Just the neck piece. I found a few at Burlington Coat Factory in the scarves section. They were like either $6 or $3. It’s just a little piece of cloth that has a collar on it with flaps to cover the chest and back. Freaking awesome! You can still do the loose styled hijab and still keep your neck covered. You can wear longer neck cut shirts as well. Pretty darn sweet cause I have a few shirts that have a V-neck. The collar totally helps.

Color wise, I don’t think it matters. I match my clothing (bad habit i guess) so I have bright colors and dark colors. I don’t think the color of your hijab is a big deal honestly just because it’s a color. I mean if you wear a white scarf, that itself can be considered bright as well but it also is considered a neutral color as well. 

OK DONE that’s my rant or whatever. I just got super annoyed with people saying this is Haram that is Haram. I mean leave it alone. If you want to advise people, do it in a much politer way. 

Can i get a clap for this young lady?  Everything you said! Except skinny jeans. Skinny jeans arent haraam! But… If you have a small bone structure lucky you! If not and like me have big bones or just meaty like me skinny jeans are out of the question. Why? because you can still see the shape of your legs.

I think waist belts are a mixed opinon really i mean all coats are fitted these days and show off your waist and hips so wearing a waist belt should be okay too.

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