Asian Privilege



So we understand men get male privilege?

We understand straight folks get straight privilege?

We understand cisfolks get cis privilege?

We understand white folks get white privilege?

We understand colorism gives lighter skinned folks color privilege?

So can we step to Privilege 102 and understand most privileges aren’t always a binary?  They’re a hierarchy or a spectrum based on how society views and treats you.  And that can shift based on circumstances and situation.  Is it possible to comprehend that the oppressions are not the same in type or necessarily degree?

Do we get how people can, and do USE THEIR PRIVILEGE against people who are lesser privileged on a given axis?

So what is it when Asian Americans cosign on antiblackness, anti-latino bullshit, anti-muslim bullshit?*  What do you call that?  (example: Michelle Malkin)

Does it mean Asian Am’s ain’t getting stepped on, ain’t catching shit?  No.  Just as much as White Women can be oppressed in some ways AND oppressing others at the same fucking time.

Do you want to end the system of injustice?  Include your own privilege.  Observe it, check it.  Call out your communities when and where they inflict the privilege you share.  Don’t be silent, don’t defend it, check it and stop it.   Stop shitting on the people below, stop others from shitting on the people below in these hierarchies- that’s how you be an ally, and make a space for alliances to build.

But for fuck’s sake - if you can’t figure out how someone can be oppressed and privileged at the same time, you going to catch some really hard times when it comes to white women or gay white men, or men of color patriarchy or any of the other million fucking ways shit can intersect.

Either we all get free or no one gets free.  Start by stepping off the necks you stand on.  Get other folks to stop standing on people’s necks.  Don’t demand the people you’re standing on to help you before you help them.  

This concept is only difficult to people who are invested in trying to hold on to the oppressor’s promises that you’re worth more than “those people”.

*”What about dark skinned muslim Latino Asian Am folks?” Yes, they exist! If you are one, you fucking know what I mean about Asian Privilege, because you’re seeing the Asians who get it for fitting White conceptions of what Asians are supposed to be, and all the ways you’re not it.  More importantly, you see how those folks often are the first to buy into, and support the system, and inflict their privilege on everyone else…

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