Bratz “Designed by Sasha” doll

apparently this is the actual doll & hasn’t been customised or anything!? WHAT!?

photo by Riddley Five Zero on flickr

Yaaaaas! They used to do Sasha right, yo.

I have this other one of Sasha with the same hair and style. she’s wearing some kind of hip hop outfit. Adorable.

I don’t even know if they make Sasha anymore. I never see her in the stores or anything. She was my favorite Bratz doll, for obfious reasons, and she’s the reason I have so many of them.

The original My Scene Madison is cute, too, with all those kinky coils. I have two of her.

whatever happened to that lawsuit between Bratz and Matel, where Bratz was ordered to stop producing dolls??

that got overturned about 3 years ago, though.


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