When Allah commanded men to lower their gaze, He didn’t add in the fine print: “except if they aren’t wearing #Hijab”.


I think this deserves a standing ovation in front of the mainstream feminists who have constantly dehumanized and demeaned our existence as Muslim women by suggesting that we’re oppressed people. This deserves a standing ovation in front of the hundreds of men who have claimed that the religion of Islam does not tolerate liberated and free women (which is, of course, contrary to the teachings of Muhammad). This deserves recognition; Muslim women are participating in wrestling, swimming, shooting, and other physically demanding sports while wearing the physical hijab.

All of you are my role models; go kick me some misogynistic ass ladies!

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abayas for eid 2012 @ Muunshine Couture

I want to know about the Muslim women in the Olympics rather than the hijabs and long sleeves that they are wearing or not wearing. I want to read about Muslim women’s ground-breaking fashion achievements, not about whether hijab enables or prevent them from being successful or even pious. And I would like to hear from the new Egyptian First Lady about her role within the new government instead of her hijab and “fashion” style.

At this point in time where there is so much attention around Muslim women, and when many of them are contributing so much, it is about time that we look at what these women have to say, what they do, what they achieve, instead of how they choose to dress.


Hijab: A Muslim Woman’s only Achievement?|| Muslimah Media Watch

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Strange is the rage reserved by so many feminist ladies for the few girls wearing the hijab. They have begged poor president Chirac…to crack down on them in the name of the Law. Meanwhile, the prostituted female body is everywhere. The most humiliating pornography is universally sold. Advice on sexually exposing bodies lavishes teen magazines day in and day out.

A single explanation: a girl must show what she’s got to sell. She’s got to show her goods. She’s got to indicate that, henceforth, the circulation of women abides by the generalized model, and not by restricted exchange. Too bad for bearded fathers and elder brothers! Long live the planetary market! The generalized model is the top fashion model.

It used to be taken for granted that an intangible female right is to only have to get undressed in from of the person of her choosing. But no. it is vital to hint at undressing at every instant. Whoever covers up what she puts on the market is not a loyal merchant. Let’s argue the following, then, a pretty strange point: the law on the hijab is a pure capitalist law. It order femininity to be exposed. In other words, having the female body circulate according to the market paradigm is obligatory.

- Alain Badiou, ‘Behind The Scarfed Law, There Is Fear’  (via aidsnegligee)

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|Studs & Suede|

Hijab: Stall inside Royals

Blouse/Jeans: Topshop

Cardigan: Primark

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Are there men who demand that their women wear a hijab? I am sure there are; just as there are men that demand their wife or girlfriend parade at their side in high heels and a sexy dress. The power play between genders is not exclusive to one religion or culture; it happens on an individual level.


Inge Rombaut in an IPS News interview about the Muslim headscarf.

Two words: Thank you.

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The Vanishing Role of Women in Islamic Society

No. White feminists. Stop. 

Dear White Feminists™,

This is why nobody likes you.

Every decent human being on Earth. 

I can’t even begin to stress how offensive it is to imply that, somehow, what I chose to wear is in direct correlation to my role in society and that by dressing a certain way, I don’t deserve the same role as someone who dresses differently. 

Judging a woman by what she wears is the most naive, bigoted and shallow way to classify a woman. Our roles in society will not be compromised because of how we dress and neither will they defined by people who clearly have no understanding of the religion and the choices its followers make. 




Movies you should watch: Arranged (2009). Find it on Hulu!

Synopsis: Rochel is an Orthodox Jew, and Nasira a Muslim of Syrian origin. They are both young teachers at a public school in Brooklyn. They also have something else in common—they are going though the process of arranged marriages through their respective religions and traditional customs. With both family pressure on the one hand, and the rejection of traditional values by the outside world on the other, Rochel and Nasira will have to rely on each other and their friendship to pull through this difficult time of their lives, striving to be strong women in charge of their own happiness, while keeping their deep religious and cultural convictions.

This movie is soo good! You should definitely watch it if you haven’t already, it’s lovely.

I love this movie!

I just watched this movie and I LOVE it.

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