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[TW: discussion of rape] 98% of rapists are male. Though boys and men are sometimes victims of rape, even in these cases the rapists are almost always male. Some people believe that the reason most all rapists are male is because woman aren’t physically capable of rape. But if you think about it, women are equally capable as men of using a weapon to order another person to have sex against their will. Yet it’s extremely rare for women to do so. One reason most all rapists are male is because in male dominated societies males are taught in many ways that they are entitled to dominate women. Females aren’t taught they are entitled to dominate men.

- Truth about Rape (via femalestruggle)





“It’s a global revolution everybody get down, cause when I look around the majority is brown…”

I was literally thinking about this the other day.

Like, honestly, the native peoples of most countries in the world are brown, right? And even now, looking at this map, the people who inhabit most of the countries of the world are at least brown. 

So, honestly, when we complain about whitewashing or the erasure of black and brown people in advertising, stories, films, art, etc., it’s really not us wanting to insert ourselves randomly into places — it’s us wanting to see the ACTUAL representation of black and brown people. You see how much of this muhfuckin’ world we make up? How you gon’ have a whole damn country with two PoC? fuckoutta here. 


Number of young African American women in prison rises


Nikki Jones, a sociologist from UC Santa Barbara and Meda Chesney Lind, University of Hawaii, and attendee of the conference, has studied the statistics of imprisoned black girls for over 10 years and explained, “we have never seen these kind of numbers before,” reports EthnoBlog.

So far, the cause for this epidemic has been attributed to national zero tolerance policies and a justice system that treats girls of color differently than white girls.

“Here’s a lesser-known red flag in the black community: the fastest growing incarcerated population in the country is African American girls and young women. What does not seem to be rising however, is the number of black girls who are actually committing crimes.”

Used politically in relationship to governments, the term decolonize means to allow to become self-governing or independent. In a personal sense decolonizing the mind means letting go of patterns of thought and behavior that prevent us from being self-determining. Since our society is structured around the principles of imperialist white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy, it is structured in such a way to impede the construction of emotional well-being for the vast majority of citizens.

- bell hooks (via wretchedoftheearth)
Are there men who demand that their women wear a hijab? I am sure there are; just as there are men that demand their wife or girlfriend parade at their side in high heels and a sexy dress. The power play between genders is not exclusive to one religion or culture; it happens on an individual level.


Inge Rombaut in an IPS News interview about the Muslim headscarf.

Two words: Thank you.

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Reblogging myself because perspective and thank you once again, Inge.

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When we use ‘Paki’, we lose. We disrespect every migrant before us who suffered the indignity of prejudice. To appropriate a Western slur used against all of us to attack some of us is true degradation. Who said the Empire Struck Back? The imperialists and their progeny, the neo-Nazis, have won. To be called a Paki was, ironically, the great leveller, transcending all boundaries — your local racists kindly ignored class, creed, colour, country of origin and caste when it came to the hunt. The histories of nations were wiped clean by a steel-toed boot, a tabula rasa created by young men blinded by hate. They knew nothing of Partition, the wars between India and Pakistan, the civil war in Sri Lanka and the fight for Bangladeshi independence. It didn’t matter whether you were Parsi or Christian, working-class or filthy rich, Sinhala or Sikh, Bangladeshi or Guyanese.


Piali Roy dropping truth bombs on the malicious use of the racist slur ‘Paki’ in the UK and beyond.

Originating in England, “Paki” was the kind of word that would easily spurt out of an English racist in an early Hanif Kureishi film. The Oxford English Dictionary dates its first usage in print to as late as 1964. The term crossed the Atlantic to Canada in the early 1970s. By the 1980s, “dothead” and “curryhead” had been coined as American alternatives to “Paki”. And now, some Indians have chosen to appropriate this term of abuse and partition its meaning.

This racist term has been used to a degree that even other brown people - Arabs, Persians, Afghans - are attacked with variations of this word. If you’re going to use it, expect reactions and don’t complain. A slur is a slur is a slur. No two ways about it.

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Asian Privilege



So we understand men get male privilege?

We understand straight folks get straight privilege?

We understand cisfolks get cis privilege?

We understand white folks get white privilege?

We understand colorism gives lighter skinned folks color privilege?

So can we step to Privilege 102 and understand most privileges aren’t always a binary?  They’re a hierarchy or a spectrum based on how society views and treats you.  And that can shift based on circumstances and situation.  Is it possible to comprehend that the oppressions are not the same in type or necessarily degree?

Do we get how people can, and do USE THEIR PRIVILEGE against people who are lesser privileged on a given axis?

So what is it when Asian Americans cosign on antiblackness, anti-latino bullshit, anti-muslim bullshit?*  What do you call that?  (example: Michelle Malkin)

Does it mean Asian Am’s ain’t getting stepped on, ain’t catching shit?  No.  Just as much as White Women can be oppressed in some ways AND oppressing others at the same fucking time.

Do you want to end the system of injustice?  Include your own privilege.  Observe it, check it.  Call out your communities when and where they inflict the privilege you share.  Don’t be silent, don’t defend it, check it and stop it.   Stop shitting on the people below, stop others from shitting on the people below in these hierarchies- that’s how you be an ally, and make a space for alliances to build.

But for fuck’s sake - if you can’t figure out how someone can be oppressed and privileged at the same time, you going to catch some really hard times when it comes to white women or gay white men, or men of color patriarchy or any of the other million fucking ways shit can intersect.

Either we all get free or no one gets free.  Start by stepping off the necks you stand on.  Get other folks to stop standing on people’s necks.  Don’t demand the people you’re standing on to help you before you help them.  

This concept is only difficult to people who are invested in trying to hold on to the oppressor’s promises that you’re worth more than “those people”.

*”What about dark skinned muslim Latino Asian Am folks?” Yes, they exist! If you are one, you fucking know what I mean about Asian Privilege, because you’re seeing the Asians who get it for fitting White conceptions of what Asians are supposed to be, and all the ways you’re not it.  More importantly, you see how those folks often are the first to buy into, and support the system, and inflict their privilege on everyone else…

If a feminist goes on a rant about how all men have done her wrong, DON’T say, “I’m not like that.” If a person of color goes on a rant about whiteness and how they feel oppressed by it, DON’T say, “I’m not like that.” If a trans* person goes on a rant about how ciswomen and radical feminist don’t include them in the feminist rights package, DON’T say, “I’m not like that.” And If someone from the LGBTQ community goes on a rant about how straight cisgender people limit their rights and silence their voices, DON’T say, “I’m not like that.”

Do you know why you shouldn’t say that four word sentence or sentences of the like? I’ll tell you why. Because they are the minority and by default you will be placed with the majority because you are not part of their struggle for rights. By saying that you aren’t like that, you turn their problem into your problem and it isn’t about you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been made uncomfortable for a split second because you were included with the majority by default, because they have been made uncomfortable throughout history for being a minority.

You want to help fight for equal rights? Do you want to prove that you’re on their/our side? Then come to a protest. Speak out when you see racism, sexism, homophobia, or anything of the like. Don’t be a two faced activist. We/they will notice. We/they will appreciate it. But don’t turn our/their problem into your problem. Don’t ask for brownie points for being a decent human being.

- The Admiral: It isn’t about you!   (via shrinkingviolent)



“I created this series of photos in response to Iran’s president Ahmadinejad’s naive comments that we do not have homosexuality in Iran. I wanted to say that we do have homosexuals and we have lots of them. My hope was to give solace to Muslims who feel they cannot be Muslims and homosexuals at the same time. I wanted to say that your love for God or belief in good for humanity should not determine who you’re choosing to love. My hope is that more people come to see that we should leave people to make their own choices, regarding who they want to love. I think the message of love from all of the prophets was lost, in all the noise from the later organizers of religions and their followers. I wish to remind people of that original intention of our belief in a higher good.” -


This makes me happy beyond belief.

queer muslims don’t exist


There was one girl in our school whose mother made her wear a clothespin on her nose to make it thin. There were quite a few girls who tried to bleach their skin white with bleaching cream and who got pimples instead. And, of course, we went to the beauty parlor and got our hair straightened. I couldn’t wait to go to the beauty parlor and get my hair all fried up. I wanted Shirley Temple curls just like Shirley Temple. I hated the smell of fried hair and having my ears burned, but we were taught that women had to make great sacrifices to be beautiful. And everybody knew you had to be crazy to walk the streets with nappy hair sticking out. And of course long hair was better than short hair. We all knew that.
We had been completely brainwashed and we didn’t even know it. We accepted white value systems and white standards of beauty and, at times, we accepted the white man’s view of ourselves. We had never been exposed to any other point of view or any other standard of beauty. From when I was a tot, I can remember black people saying, “Niggas aint shit.” “You know how lazy niggas are.” “Give a nigga an inch and he’ll take a mile.” Everybody knew what “niggas” like to do after they eat: sleep. Everybody knew that “niggas” couldn’t be on time; that’s why there was c.p.t. (colored people’s time). “Niggas don’t take care of nothing.” “Niggas don’t stick together.” The list could go on.

To varying degrees we accepted these statements as true. And, to varying degrees, we each made them true within ourselves because we believed them.


Assata Shakur (via daughterofzami)

“but we were taught that women had to make great sacrifices to be beautiful…

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(Does anyone know where this is from?)

'Long Live Zimmerman' Spray-Painted On Black Cultural Center Building





The executive director of the Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center called for the arrest of the person responsible for graffiti that might have been racially-charged after it was found on a campus building Thursday morning.

The words “Long Live Zimmerman” were found spray-painted on the walls of The Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center, located at 153 W. 12th Ave., on the Ohio State campus, at about 8 a.m., 10TV’s Kevin Landers reported.

Some said that the graffiti indicated support for George Zimmerman, the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in February.

The vandalism was found one night after a student rally took place in memory of Martin, Landers reported.

“Ignorance is bliss,” said Larry Williamson, the executive director of the Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center. “We want the person brought to trial, caught. We want to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen.”

Police said that no witnesses to the crime were identified. The graffiti was power-washed from the wall later in the morning.



“graffiti that might have been racially-charged”

Are you fucking joking? Might have been?

At this point, somebody could commit a hate crime and say, “I did it because I hate Black people.” over and over again and we’d be urged not to leap to conclusions because there are a thousand different things that could mean.




Wow, I really don’t like this. :|

“an excuse for white people to escape the fact that they fucked up the world for centuries”

No, no, no. I am human, but there’s races within humans, and I’m very much a Pakistani gal, and I take pride in it. So you can take your sickly sweet excuses and colour blindness and kindly go away.

A note on The Hunger Games : Todd Alcott



A few years ago, I was involved in developing a movie based on a popular series of YA novels, a science-fiction thriller series set in a dystopian future and featuring a female protagonist trying to make her way in an oppressive, brutal society.

Because it was not just one novel but three, it was incumbent upon me to lay out not just one movie but a whole trilogy, describing the arc of the protagonist and her journey from helpless waif to leader of the revolution.

It was a lot of work, but the producer was very pleased with my take and we took it to the studio.

The studio executive we went to see was a very nice, very kind, very intelligent young woman.  I pitched to her not one movie but three, I pitched to her for over an hour, laying out a tapestry, a world of intrigue, action, spectacle and personal development.

The studio exec was fascinated and very impressed, and then, at the end of the pitch, said “That’s really great, Todd, you really nailed it, it’s perfect.  I’m just wondering — is there some way to make the protagonist a boy?”

I was dumbstruck.  No, there was no way to make the protagonist a boy.  The books were very much about a female perspective on this strange futuristic world — the two were inseparable.  You literally could not tell the same story with a male protagonist.

But the studio exec explained, “We can’t make a movie with a female protagonist.  Boys won’t go to see it.”  She also explained that girls won’t go to see science fiction movies, or action movies.  I explained to her that one recent movie franchise — Pirates – very much had a female protagonist and had done very well indeed, that another franchise —The Terminator – also had a female protagonist and had done very well indeed, that another franchise — Alien – was also a futuristic sci-fi series with a female protagonist, and had done very well indeed.

The studio exec’s hands were tied.  Word had come down from above, “No big-budget movies with female protagonists.”  The only movies that could be made with a female protagonist were intimate personal dramas and romances — that is, cheap movies.

My guess is that today, this very day, in offices all over Hollywood, studio executives are still telling writers “We don’t make science-fiction movies with a female protagonist.”  And when the writer says “But what about Hunger Games?” they will make an excuse — “Well, but that’s The Hunger Games, it’s a phenomenon, it’s its own thing, you can’t hope to repeat that.”

This irks me so much.

Makes me sick people think like this.

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