Allkpop's Article About T-ara and CCM


This is so stupid.

jiyeon was sooooo the person in the video!! LOL shis going down these days in kpop haha

i cant with t-ara whats the point adding new members?? the old ones were just fine!!! so stupid! and i used to love SeeYa!! they had amazing vocals :(

One of my friends told her dad Big Bang were gospel singers so she could go to their concert.


IU <3


why do you look so sexy even with your clothes on?? :>

I think the reason why i like TOP so much is because he is like a inspiration. He grew up as a misfit being overweight and not being as bright and attractive as the other kids. Something Korea places a heavy burden on. He grew up having many conflicts with his family on what he wanted to do and what his parents wanted him to do. When he first auditioned with YG his ultimatum was to either lose  weight or get the fuck out. Which he did. Something he had been struggling with most of his life he worked really hard on losing weight to pursue his dream. And now he is the most handsome and popular member in one of Korea’s top boy bands. I dont think people who are naturally skinny would ever understand the hardships of losing weight. But the rest of us i think can imagine how hard it must have been. This is why i love TOP. Not just cause he is handsome. But a overall amazing person. 

I think i follow too many TOP blogs lool All i currently see on my dash is TOP’s face.


Omg they move. I didn’t know that they moved


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon filming a cameo on HISTORY OF A SALARYMAN, now on DramaFever!

I think i fell off my seat when i saw Lee Joon playing her boyfriend and the break up seen! HILARIOUS!



i really hate that jpop isnt all that popular anymore. It makes me sad more than anything. I kind of a little bit blame kpop. I feel like all the people who loved jpop, when they found out about kpop  just  became obsessed with it and kinda forgot about jpop. I can understand that because thats what i did haha and peoples taste in music changes all the time. But whenever a jpop artist has a new song i cant fangirl with other people as much as i used to because either no one knows what im talking about or they just dont care anymore. I just want jpop to be equally popular as kpop but i dont think that will happen because kpop is more universal music and jpop has a more of an unique style that not everyone would like. *sigh* just my thoughts

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