My only relief is to sleep. When I’m sleeping, I’m not sad, I’m not angry, I’m not lonely, I’m nothing.

- Jillian Medoff, Hunger Point (via buddhacoffee)
In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it.

- Mitch Albom, Five People You Meet in Heaven (via ummhuraira)


White people are always making a fuss about PoC eating with their hands and sitting on the ground talking about how backward and uncivilized we are. But none of you realize how insanely difficult it is to eat with three fingers or less and to sit with one leg folded under you gracefully, and I don’t mean your legs crossed, I mean sitting with leg under you and the other one standing up by your side so you take up the smallest space possible which is how I was raised as a south east asian girl. How it’s an art that takes practice, how if we’re going to talk about table manners if you didn’t have a spoon/knife/fork and you were eating with your hands, you’d be ridiculously messy and would actually look savage like mannerless slobs.


Its a skill eating with your hands! lol

‎”They say that Islam was spread by the sword, but yet, in all 16 forms of saying a sword in Arabic, not one of them was mentioned in the Qur’an. However, when reading the Bible, it was mentioned 200 times!”

- Yusuf Estes (via sohylaaax3)
Be uninterested in the world, and God will love you; be uninterested in what people possess, and they will love you.

- Prophet Muhammad (saw)   (via madametoutnnoire)


When you lie about a person (no matter how believeable the lie), the lie will always resurface as such: a lie. Truth can not be concealed no matter how many years go by, no matter how many people believe you, and no matter how “believable” the situation is. & even if the whole of a people believe you in this dunya, Allaah will reveal what these people did in the Hereafter. Remember that. 

Ramadhan to do list:


  1. No swearing/bad language.
  2. Be nice(r)!
  3. No looking/staring at food.
  4. No over-eating at Iftar.
  5. Read lots of Quran (try to finish it all before Ramadhan ends).
  6. Help out mum more.
  7. Play less games.
  8. No music.
  9. No TV (not that hard).
  10. No films/dramas online.
  11. No Hyunseung…
  12. No smut/erotica/rated 18+ books…
  13. No Y-A-O-I!
  14. Become a better person.

can i watch dramas if it isnt romance type? lol no yaoi??  Damnn hahahaha Mum aint here so ill add my list of extra stuff i need to do haha.

15. Learn how to cook. Make a new dish every night.

16. Clean one thing everyday fridge, cupboards etc…

17. Paint my room and get new stuff too.

18. Save money. NO food = saving money lol

19. No gossiping. No kpop/Jpop/Jrock!!! 

20. Learn more hadiths and dua’as.


me anywhere i go: i hope i don't see anyone i know


I’ve never been to a white-people wedding before. They seem very exotic, and I’d love to go to one!

So i went to the masjid today and had good fun too but as i was leaving and i was putting on my shoes one of the girls said something. She just HAD to piss me off at the end. I was avoiding her all day today as well. When she asked me to get her drink she didnt even say please and said it in a annoying tone but i thought nah forget her.

Girl: Oh i should have known those were your shoes.

Me: They are pretty right!!

Girl: *fake smiles* sure, no one else would be stupid enough to wear them.

Me: Excuse me???

Girl: Im just saying no one would wear those heels to the masjid.

Me: They arent even party heels. They casual wear heels.

Girl: You’ve come to the masjid. Be more considerate.

Me: Like what? i take them off as soon as i come anyway whats there to be considerate about? plus my dad dropped me off and took me home.

Girl: Yeah, youre pretty spoiled i heard.


Me: Oh im sorry i will make sure not to wear any shoes next time i come.

And i just left. I bit my tongue cause i was at the masjid and didnt want to make a scene. I rarely dislike people but this girl….grrrrr


So my its my  brothers engagement tomorrow. He’s younger than me. He’s 18 and the girls he’s marrying is a girl who ive known like since we were little Who was the little ghetto hoodratt who used to threaten me and my friends that she would slice our faces up. (Which she did to other people).

He’s my half-bro diff mum same dad so yeah thank god wont be seeing that girl often and aint going to their wedding as its going to be crazy with all her crazy family.

Dad expects me to be at the family party tomorrow. ¬.¬

Ill steal the cake and leave.


i actually really love it when someone remembers small details and quirks about me or addresses me by my name at unexpected times like at the end of a sentence and i don’t know why but i just really, really do.

This tree fell today literally seconds after me and my friend walked past it! Its right outside uni building. We just heard a loud bang behind us and metal crushing. Turned around and a tree fell.

Subhanna’Allah to think we could have been crushed to death today…

Some of my friends and also got a few anons saying my blog has become depressing lol well im sorry, im actually stressed these days and there are so many unpleasant things going on in the world that it is hard to enjoy life….or is it just me? i feel guilty most of the time and just appreciate what god has given me.

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