White privelege is not having your teacher be astonished that your parents are still together and that you not only know your father, but live with him and see him everyday before and after he goes to work.

White privelege is not having people assume your mother is a single mom just trying to make it in the hood.

White privelege is not having to explain to your teacher that your parents live in the same home.


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White privilege is criticizing Hispanic students for taking Spanish classes “because it’s an easy A” but praising white students for taking English classes “because they want to learn more about their language”.

Bonus white privilege points if the Spanish taught in the class is actually European Spanish.



White privilege is the news covering Serena Williams’ crip walk of a victory dance as a “stupid and insensitive celebration”, saying that it “ruined” her crowning moment because she did so “over the most lily-white place in the world”, and digging up the “ghetto black gang member” association because it works for you in trying to steal her joy. (source - FOXSports)

White privilege is whenever a person of color expresses part of their culture or heritage and you’re able to say that it makes you uncomfortable and expecting that PoC to abandon it completely or just not partake in it around you to cater to your needs and feelings.

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White Privilege is having the KKK meet in the center of town and having white people in city hall defend it because “it’s in the constitution”  and they can assembly for a rally as long that they “don’t physically hurt citizens”. If a POC group want to meet in the center of town, they are suggested to meet in their “hood” to prevent  ”political outrage and strife” among the mass when exercising the same right to assembly. 

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K-Pop Industry


The big three companies are trying to make their way into the American Music industry but how the hell are you going to do that when your industry is BARELY diverse? America is very diverse and we have asian groups like Far East Movement and Quest Crew or asian artists like Honey Cocaine so why isnt Korea getting the clue??? Then I look at it like this. First of all The Kpop industry is too focused on skin color to even care about talent. I see so many black people auditioning on YouTube for some of biggest Kpop companies and I’m like Damn! And then I look at some of these groups and I’m like WTF he/she can’t even sing. Secondly if ONE of the Big Three had a black kpop artist they’d make SO much money from support in the black kpop fandom. I know I’d be buying all their albums and putting my money up to support them! They should honestly think about these things but NO they’re to preoccupied with trying to keep their industry as homogenous as possible because of their Korean Pride. Be happy that someone of a different race wants to do your music or wants to learn your language and take pride in that! It’s 2012 not the 1900’s
- Diary of a Mad Black Kpop fan

how can they accept black people when they are bashing their own for being tanned?


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White privilege is explaining away Somali piracy as petty crime when it is actually a defense against THEIR governments dumping waste on the shores of fishermen whose family depends on the income from what they capture, which is nothing when all the fish have nuclear poisoning. 

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