UPDATED: Just a few ways NBC has undermined Gabby’s achievements.


“Ally Rainsman really reigned in Gabby in the time of need”— Gabby scored 1/3 of the team’s points. [n-i-h-i-l added]

“She trained with Shawn Johnson which REALLY must have had some effect on her”— many gymnasts have trained under professionals. [n-i-h-i-l added]

“Gabby has a lead…not by much but, we hope she takes advantage of it”—Gabby consistently scored better (on average) than her teammates.[n-i-h-i-l added]

Not to mention they contributed the all-around success to Alexandra saying that she was the clincher… [cum-fraiche added]

and “ooh, lets talk about Jordyn not making the all around ten times more than Gabby being the highest scorer in all four events” [withasideofswag added]

The first Women’s Gymnastics team win since ‘96, but it was deemed “not all that amazing” by NBC.

Airing a commercial featuring a monkey doing gymnastics right after Gabby’s win. During all the commercials for other athletes and their wins they showed appropriate commercials featuring them and their talents. For example: the swimmer Rebecca Soni was featured in her own commercial beating her world record score. Gabby got a monkey. 

Also, when Gabby did her vault: NBC on Gabby - “That wasn’t great…but she’ll take it” (she gets the highest score on the fucking thing, a 15.966) NBC on Aly - “That was an AMAZING vault! She’s off to a great start!” (scores very well, but lower than Gabby) Yeah. NBC hates that a black girl won the whole thing. [boehner-trollolol added]

NBC’s “Fab Five” commercial that conveniently forgot she existed [cynical-douche added]

I believe Gabby was also the first American (female) gymnast to win a gold medal in both the group and AA events. As of yet, I haven’t heard much mention of that from NBC/other news networks. [alldolleddown added]

On Raisman’s bars performance, the ending comment was “very good.”  On Douglas’, it was “Interesting.” [pluckyduck added]

The morning after her win, GMA gave Aly a one-on-one interview about her achievements and loss, while Gabby’s interview was a group interview where she had to share screentime with gold medalists that had come before her. 

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